Leeson Solar and EnviroGroup were among those recognised in the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) Solar Design and Installation Awards.

At a loose end this weekend? Go along to Wind Farm Open Day

From fun running among the wind turbines near Canberra to sausage sizzles, mountain bike tours, face painting and Clydesdale rides, there is something for everyone at this weekend’s Clean Energy...

Enphase shows off new battery and next-gen solar hardware at All-Energy 2015

Enphase Energy took the opportunity of All-Energy 2015 to showcase its new generation of solar hardware, including the 1.2 kWh Enphase AC Battery, a modular, lithium-based home storage product.

Oversizing PV arrays to maximise output: All-Energy 2015 preview

Geoff Stapleton is the Managing Director of Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES), one of Australia’s most respected renewable energy engineering, consulting and training...

Elon Musk reveals plan to mass-produce “the world’s most efficient” solar panel

Elon Musk, Tesla chief and man of the future, opened another front in his campaign to conquer the solar market last week, unveiling “the world’s most...

Daman Cole is Managing Director at PV manufacturer Yingli Solar Australia. He is giving a presentation in the Panel Integrity session at ATRAA (part of All-Energy 2015), on 8 October at 11am.

Nicola Wilkins is an Applications Engineer at Sunverge Energy. At All-Energy 2015 she is giving a presentation on the design challenges of battery storage systems, as part of the Design Issues session (7 October, 11am) in the Clean Energy Council’s Professional Development program.

Jenny Paradiso is the Managing Director of award-winning solar installer-retailer Suntrix. She is going to be at the ATRAA conference (part of All-Energy 2015) this week to give a presentation in the New Technologies session (8 October, 9am-10.30am).

NSW set to become a renewables powerhouse: Amy Kean

EcoGeneration talks to NSW Renewable Energy Advocate Amy Kean about what she has done to make NSW a more attractive realm for investors.

From the Editor

The spotlight is on energy retailers AGL and Origin in this edition – are they really serious about renewables, or has their recent talk been a matter of public image...

Looking ahead: The road to Paris

When delegates gather for the UN climate conference in Paris at the end of the year, it will have been six years since the feverish...

Local PV software gains currency with global manufacturers

In the world of solar cells,...

World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2015

World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2015

11 - 14 October 2015

The 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) will be held on October 11-14 2015 at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. Presentations by industry leaders from Toyota, Linde, and Nissan will feature alongside academics.

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